The effects of Maum Meditation on adult mental health

Research Title

The effects of Maum Meditation on adult mental health


Mi-ra Yoon (the Department of Nursing Science, Seoul University)
Yang-kyung Yu (Professor, School of Nursing, Kunsan University)
En-hee Choi (Researcher, the graduate school of public health, Catholic University of Korea)
Kyung-ah Kim (Doctor, comparison family medicine)

Research Aim

The purpose of the research is to identify the effects of Maum Meditation on the mental health of the adults who suffer from psychiatric disorders. The research was conducted between July 2011 to September 2012, in the form of surveying psychiatric patients after attending the special Maum Meditation sessions. These sessions are specially designed to tailor the needs of the individual adults with psychiatric disorders


Amongst the participants, 88.3% of them replied that Maum Meditation improved their mental health, 44.1% stopped taking psychiatric medication after experiencing positive improvements on their mental health, and 38.2% reduced their psychiatric medication intake.

This research demonstrates that Maum Meditation can bring about significant positive improvements on mental health by eliminating the root cause of minds that create depression, anger, anxiety and many other negative sentiments. This achievement is meaningful especially considering that the dramatic improvements brought by Maum Meditation on the psychiatric patients’ mental health can dispense their needs to rely on psychiatric drugs.

Today, where mental health issues have become the most serious pain that society suffers, an effective programme that provides healing of the mind is needed more than ever before. This research strongly recommends that a good healing programme like Maum Meditation should be actively sought by various sectors in society to overcome this challenge.