Complete human means a whole person that has become the Truth.


The purpose of the Academy of Human Completion is to arrive at the making of complete human beings by emphasizing emptiness instead of being centered on accumulative learning as it was focused in the past. The completed human beings are accomplished individuals in terms of physical, intellectual, psychological, and social wholeness. Historically, multidisciplinary educational goals and curriculums as well as many educational research efforts were aimed at developing of such completed human beings.

We, at the Academy of Human Completion, are getting ahead one more step in this direction. We will start with a definition on what is a complete being. A “Jun-in” is a complete person who has become the Truth. To become this complete True being, a person must return to the original mind by emptying a false human mind.

With this definition of “Jun-in,” the proposed educational curriculum for such complete beings will require a revolutionary change from the previous educational curriculum emphasizing simply, the accumulation of knowledge. The education for the complete human beings requires throwing away of the false self. Through such subtraction of the false self, the world can become one; there will be trust and selflessness, and people will be able to live for one another. This is the focus and goal of the Academy of Human Completion.

This Academy was started in 2008 by people who shared such philosophy. Research activities, educational advancements as well as sharing of knowledge related to the philosophy are the main focal points of the members. Every spring and fall of each year, we hold conferences and workshops and publish annual Journal of Human Completion.

To impact and change from the previous educational curriculum of incompleteness to the True curriculum of complete human beings would take time. Step by step, through proven educational method and research, we will advance the True curriculum of emptiness. This is the work we embark for the humankind. To discover and become the True and complete human beings is what we all in the world, must arrive at. The Academy of Human Completion would be the bridge that will connect the previous period of incompletion to the new era of completion.

Jong-Beum Lee
(President, Human Completion Association, Emeritus Professor, Korea University)