Organization of Academy of Human Completion

Organization of Academy of Human Completion

All professors of Korea

  • Conferences for Human Completion (spring and fall)
  • Journal of Human Completion
  • Program developments and accreditations

Research Association of Teachers (in sixteen cities of Korea)

  • Educational research centers under Korean Council of Education
  • Teachers of elementary, middle and high schools of Korea

List of members


Jong-Beum Lee (President, Human Completion Association; Emeritus Professor, Korea University)

Vice President

Gi-Un Jung (Director of Graduate Administration, Seoul University; Former Secretary of Education, Former President of Dong-Shin University)
In-Duk Kim (Instructor, Hak San high school)

Board of Directors

Sang Rul Lee (Professor, Busan University)
Duk-Joo Lee (Professor, KAIST)
Jae-Yong Kwak (Professor, Jinju University)
Hee-Dun Kang (Director of Korean Education Council)
Jin-Woo Yoo (Professor, Sungshin University; Professor, Jacques Lecoq School of Theater, France)
Kyung-Jae Lee (Director of Research Center for Human Completion)
Kyung-Ro Lee (CPA, Accountant)
Jong-Hoon Kim (Former Embassy Council)


Tak Jung (CPA)
Jang-Jong Yoon (Legal Counsel)

Administrative officer

Sung-Bo Yang (CPA)