2012 Archives of Fall Conference – The School Violence and the Human Completion Education

  • Min-Jung Yi, Yang-Kyung Yu | The Effect of Meditation School Program on Self-Respect and School Adaptative Behaviors
  • Na-Min Shin, Na-Yun Gi, Hyun-Hak Cho | The Analysis of Bullying and Empathy
  • Eun-Jin Lee, Mi-Han Kim, Yang-Kyung Yu, Moo-Kyung Sohn | The Effect of Meditation Teenagers’ Program on Violence and Self-Motivation in Middle and High School Students
  • Duk-Joo Lee | The Analysis of Changes in Electroencephalogram Before and After Meditation
  • Pil-Sun Park | The Human Completion Program for School Teachers and Students
  • Mi-Ra Yoon | The Effect of Meditation on Mental Health of Adults

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