Conference Notes


2018 Archives of Autumn Conference – Character Education for the Youth and Meditation: Seeking the Sustainable Solution’

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  • Seo Nam-soo | Character Education for the Youth
  • Lee Oh-nam | ‘Mind Clearing Meditation Class’ (Free Year System) Accredited by Ministry of Education
  • Jang In-sook | Practice of Meditation Class in Free Year System
  • Shin Ha-na | Youth Meditation Camp Accredited by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Kim Mi-han | Effects of Mind Clearing Meditation on the Youth

2017 Archives of Autumn Conference – Character Education, Find the Way in Meditation

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  • Kim Seong-chul | Meditation and Character Education
  • Ha Mi-jin | Case of Operating Mind Clearing Medication Education in Free Semester
  • Lee Oh-nam | Happen to Meditate, Meet Happiness: Meditation Education through which Teachers and Students Grow Together
  • Yoon Mi-ra | Effects of School-based Meditation Education: Focusing on Middle School and Courses of General Education in College

2015 Archives of Autumn Conference – Meditation: Alternative of Character Education

2015 [View PDF]
  • Kim Shin-ho | Direction of Character Education Policy
  • Yoo Yang-gyeong, Lee Eun-jin | Effects of Self-Reflection Meditation on Emotional State of the Youth
  • Lee In-su, Jeon Young-hee, Choi Eun-hee | Effects of Mind Clearing Meditation on Intervention in Smartphone Addiction of the Youth
  • Yoon Mi-ra, Kim Young-ae | Happy Mind Clearing Meditation that Raises My Child Decent Individual
  • Joo Ha-ni, Kim Mi-han, Noh Da-ji, Park Pil-sun | Developing and Applying Character Education Program in High School Using Mind Clearing Meditation

2014 Archives of Autumn Conference – The Qualification of Global Person, Human Completion Education: Character is the Future

2014 [View PDF]
  • Kim Hyun-tae | Globalization and Hong-ig-in-gan(Benefit all mankind)
  • Lee In-su, Kim Mi-han, Yoo Yang-gyeong | Effects of Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun on Global Civic Citizenship of Faculty and College Students
  • Jeong Young-Ae | Multi-cultural Society and Education: Current Situation and Tasks
  • Yoon Mi-ra, Choi Eun-Hee | Literature Review on Studies on Mind Clearing Meditation: An Aspect of effects Influencing on Character Education
  • Kwak Cho-long | Cases of Character Education by Gyeong-nam Meditation Teachers Union

2014 Archives of International Conference – Meditation: Happiness, Peace And Coexistence

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  • Michael Furlong | When the Sum Is Greater than the Parts: Combined Strengths Build Youth Subjective Well-Being
  • Michael Treacy | Human Completion for Happiness, Peace, and Coexistence
  • Lobsang Rapgay | Classical Mindfulness-Based CBT Protocol for Test Anxiety
  • Mi Ra Yun | The Effects of Meditation Program on the Breast Cancer Survivor's Psychological Well-Being
  • Duck-Joo Lee, Namin Shin etc. | The Effects of Meditation on Depression, Social Anxiety, Aggression, and Salivary Cortisol Levels of Elementary School Students

2013 Fall Conference – Human completion education for teenagers’ happiness

  • Na-min Shin, Pil-Sun Park, and In-soo Yi |The effect of Meditation on school violence and bullying in high school students
  • Yoon-gil Na | The effect of Meditation and imagery training on mental health in teenagers
  • Mi-han Kim, Yangkyung Yu, and In-soo Yi | The effect of Meditation camp program on mental health and happiness in college students
  • Moo-shin Kim | Positive transformation program using ‘mind-subtraction’

2013 Archives of International Conference – Happiness, Ask the Mind

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  • Park Il-dae | Stress, Mind, Happiness
  • Boas Yu & Kathryn Hayes, Brandon Eggleston | Effect of Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun on Power and Well-Being
  • Lee Eun-jin, Jung Kwang-young, Yoo Yang-gyeong | Effects of School-Based Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun Program on their School Life in the Lower Grades in Primary School Children
  • Lee Duck-joo, Yu Yeon-gyeong, Lee Ji-suk, Lee In-soo | Effects of Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun on the Brain Function of University Students
  • Yoo Yang-gyeong | Effects of Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun Program on the Stress, Ego-Resilience, and Subjective Happiness of Children and the Juveniles
  • Choi Eun-hi, Yoo Yang-gyeong | Effects of Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun Program on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Response in Adults
  • Lee In-soo, Lee Duck-joo, Yoo Yeon-gyeong, Lee Ji-suk | Effects of Happiness Promoting Program on the Subjective Happiness and Brain Function of the Teachers – From the Perspective of Mind Subtraction

2012 Archives of Fall Conference – The School Violence and the Human Completion Education

  • Min-Jung Yi, Yang-Kyung Yu | The Effect of Meditation School Program on Self-Respect and School Adaptative Behaviors
  • Na-Min Shin, Na-Yun Gi, Hyun-Hak Cho | The Analysis of Bullying and Empathy
  • Eun-Jin Lee, Mi-Han Kim, Yang-Kyung Yu, Moo-Kyung Sohn | The Effect of Meditation Teenagers’ Program on Violence and Self-Motivation in Middle and High School Students
  • Duk-Joo Lee | The Analysis of Changes in Electroencephalogram Before and After Meditation
  • Pil-Sun Park | The Human Completion Program for School Teachers and Students
  • Mi-Ra Yoon | The Effect of Meditation on Mental Health of Adults