Supporting School Humanistic Education

Distributing optimized school meditation education program to each school and supporting student humanistic education.

Supporting University Humanistic Education

Developing and operating a variety of meditation education programs to nurture college students’ character and future core competencies.

Conducting Academic Events

Holding academic conferences on various subjects to practice and spread the education for human completion and humanism every year.


Academic Society for Human Completion

The purpose of the ASHC(Academic Society for Human Completion) is to arrive at the making of complete human beings by emphasizing emptiness instead of being centered on accumulative learning as it was focused in the past.


Make the world of coexistence through Human Completion Education

When human beings discover the Origin and live as that Origin, everyone will be one and live with the gratitude for one’s own country and the world; recovery of the Origin leads to Oneness where living for others will occur, and this is the education of human completion.

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