‘Knowing and Living Become One: Human Completion Education’ The Autumn Conference 2019 Opens

Alternative for Embodied Education; Meditation

The Autumn Conference 2019 took place on November 21th in Seoul campus of Chung-Ang University. This conference titled ‘Knowing and Living Become One: Human Completion Education’ was for discussing the direction toward genuine education for human completion for the future generation who will live in the era where robots and humans coexist.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Cho, Chief Researcher in Gyeonggi Institute of Education, suggested the meditation can be the powerful alternative for embodied education.
Followed by Dir. Lee, Institute of Human Completion, put emphasis on the effects of Mind Clearing Meditation as the methodology of realizing ‘Hong-ig-in-gan(Benefit all mankind)’-the basis of the purpose of our education.
Also, Prof. Jeon, in Department of Global Medical Science in Sung-Shin University, reported the students in Medical School developed communication skill and empathy through the course adopted this type of meditation.
And last, the highschool teacher, Ms. Kim shared the students who gave up math were changing by applying the meditation in dynamic ways.

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