Effect of Self-Reflection Meditation Program on the Work Stress and Psychosocial Well-being of Public Servants

Research title

The Effect of Self Reflection Meditation Program on the Job Stress and
Psychosocial Health of Government Staffs


Korean J Health Commun 2019; 14(1)


Eun-Hi Choi Eulji University, Daejeon, Korea
Min Young Chun Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea


Background: The government staffs studied in this research has been easily exposed to excessive job stress, which can lead to a variety of psychosocial problems and poor quality of life. In this study, we examined the effect of the self reflection meditation program on the psychosocial health and stress responses of government staffs, to suggest the intervention program improving psychosocial health and quality of life in government staffs.

Methods: In this study, we measured the conditions of 36 local government staffs based on self reflection scale, psychosocial health and stress score before and after implementing the short–term intensive meditation program.

Results: The results showed that there were significant increase in social role performance and self confidence(p=.003), general health and vitality(p=.019) and significant decrease in stress(p=.010). This change was prominently showed in administrative officer and depression and anxiety(p=.034) also significantly decreased after program.

Conclusion: self reflection meditation program was effective in improving the psychosocial health and physical health of government staffs. Therefore, self reflection meditation program could be proposed as program for stress management and promotion of quality of life in government staff.

Key words:Self reflection meditation, Job stress, Psychosocial health, Public officer

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