University Education

University Education #1

Humanistic Character Education for University Students

A University is a hall of intelligence for the truth and the highest educational institution that nurtures leaders who will lead the future of our society. Despite the changing circumstances of the times, this role of the university must remain constant and develop.

A big concern for university education in recent years is that the university is becoming a training institution for employment rather than an institution for a search for truth. There is also growing concern about the release of elites whose personality causes confusion rather than contribution.

The new era, just as the larger framework of education, calls for a turn of university. In addition to progressive reforms in response to changes in the times, the university’s role and status must be restored. This will require multilateral cooperation and efforts both internally and externally. The Society suggests that in order for such efforts to be successful, effort must be made to promote the emotional stability and happiness of students.

College students today are a generation that has grown more than ever under the pressure of study and anxiety about the future. Mind Clearing Meditation education resolves the negative minds accumulated within and transforms them into positive ones, and recovers the broad and liberated mind of nature from the oppressed minds or stereotypes. It promotes the development of humanism, emotional stability, happiness, and potential of college students. At the same time, it can be an excellent alternative to developing the skills of creativity, convergence and communication that are required as core competence of the future.

The Society has developed various meditation education programs to enhance humanism, potential development, and happiness of college students and apply them to courses of liberal arts and majors, special lectures and special camp programs in college. Furthermore, we strive to spread university humanistic education through continuous feedback, effectiveness verification, and research paper presentation.

Cases of Meditation Education in University


University/Major KAIST
Classification Online COURSERA in English (Meditation, A way to Achieve your goals in your life)
Period April 28th 2018~
Associate Professor. Duck-Joo Lee (KAIST)


Woo-song University

University Woo-song University
Course Required Liberal Arts of the 1st grade
Period 1st Semester in 2017
Associate Academic Society for Human Completion 23 of Lecturers


Korea National University of Transportation

University/Major Korea National University of Transportation / Department of Emergency Medical Service
Course Disaster Psychology and Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun Meditation(Graduate School)
Period 1st Semester of 2018, 1st Semester of 2019
Associate Professor. In-soo Lee (Korea National University of Transportation)


Sung-shin Women’s University

University/Major Sung-shin Women’s University / Department of Global Medical Science
Course Medical Communication Strengthened with Self-Reflection
Period 1st Semester of 2018, 1st Semester of 2019
Associate Professor. Min-young Jeon (Sung-shin Women’s Univ.)



University/Major KAIST
Course Leadership and Humanistic Education
Period 10 sessions in Fall Semester of 2018
Associate Professor. Duck-Joo Lee (KAIST)


Kyung-il University

University/Major Kyung-il University / Nursing
Course Self-Exploration and Personality Recovery (Required Major Courses)
Period 1st ~ 2nd Semester of 2019
Supervisor Professor. Mi-han Kim (Kyung-il Univ.)



University/Major KAIST
Classification Special Off-line Lecture (Youthhood Fly High, Drone and Meditation)
Period May 30th 2019
Associate Professor. Duck-Joo Lee (KAIST)


Woo-song University

University/Major Woo-song University
Classification Career Camp
Period 28th ~ 30th May 2019 (3 hours of special lecture per day)
Institution Institute of Human Completion
Associate Professor. Hye-young Kim (Woo-song Univ.)


Chung-ang University

University/Major Chung-ang University
Classification Optimized Employment Camp
Period 19th ~ 20th December 2019
Object 48 students in 3rd year of Department of Nursing in Chung-ang Univ.
Institution Institute of Human Completion
Associate Professor. Mi-ra Yun (Chung-ang Univ.)
University Education #2

Faculty Support Project

We are running a meditation program for professors who lead university education to heal, reflect, release stress, and build capacity. In December 2019, the first “Meditation Camp for College Professors” was held in cooperation with the meditation-specialized institution, Institute of Human Completion.