About Us


We contribute to creating a world of coexistence where everyone is happy through Human Completion Education.

“When human beings discover the Origin and live as that Origin, everyone will be one and live with the gratitude for one’s own country and the world; recovery of the Origin leads to Oneness where living for others will occur, and this is the education of human completion.”

To solve many problems facing at the end of growth and abundance that threaten the survival of mankind, needless to say, we need a collaborative effort, but the most crucial and fundamental point is each individual’s consciousness has to awaken and the one’s thinking and action have to change. This is the part that education has to take a role in.

Now, education has to come back to its own original function. As Gilpin Faust, a former President of Harvard University, said, “Education is not to make men carpenters so much as to make carpenters men”, the original role of education is to nurture a person of humanity.

When each human changes their mind from selfish to altruistic and self-centered to thinking others and the whole first, the problems mankind faces will be solved fundamentally in sequence, and we will be able to build the future of coexistence that individuals and community are happy together.


The ASHC has been established to contribute to the creation of a society where all humankind can achieve the dignity and happiness of all human beings together and create a happy coexistence society by realizing and supporting the role of education. It is not a paradigm of competition and success, but rendering services to opening a new horizon of education that fosters talented people with dedication and consideration, tolerance and communication, wisdom and creativity, and whole-consciousness.




The ASHC is an organization for academic research and practice established by professors, teachers, scholars and experts who are dedicated to contributing to realizing true humanistic character education and human completion education. More than 200 scholars and professors in the fields of humanities, science, health care, and culture and arts, elementary, middle and high school teachers, and experts from all walks of life attended the founding general meeting in KAIST on November 8, 2008. On June 12, 2008, we obtained the approval of the public interest corporation of the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education.




Humanistic education and Human Completion Education Research Activities

  • Opening conferences : ASHC holds one or two conferences annually to provide a forum for social discussion on education for humanism and human completion, and spreads consensus.
  • Publishing journals : ASHC issues annual journals by collecting research data and practical cases. ASHC produces online and offline newsletters for the purpose of other societies.

Developing and Operating Programs for Humanistic Education

  • Youths : Developing and Operating humanistic education programs for infant, elementary, middle and high school
  • College Students : Developing and Operating humanistic education programs and liberal arts curriculum for college students
  • Teachers : Developing and Operating healing/empowerment programs for teachers
  • Professors : Developing and Operating healing/empowerment programs for professors
  • Community : Developing and Operating programs for promoting happiness and mental well-being of community residents

Nurturing humanistic education specialists

  • Operating humanistic education specialist training program
  • Supporting humanistic education specialists’ activities

In addition, we carry out various projects necessary for the purpose of this corporation.

History of ASHC


Nov 8th 2008 Founding General Assembly

Apr 2009 1st Conference at KAIST (Title: Methodology for Human Completion Education / Keynote Speecher : Jong-Bum Lee, former Prof. in Korea Univ.)

Nov 2009 2nd Conference at Dong-Shin Univ. (Complete Person, Human Completion Education / Duck-Joo Lee, Prof. in KAIST)

Aug 2010 3rd Conference at Pusan Univ. (Body, Mind and Human Completion Education / Byeong-Yeong Ahn,

Nov 2010 4th Conference at Korea Univ. (Leadership and Human Completion Education / Gi-Un Jung, former President of Dong-Shin Univ.)

May 2011 5th Conference at KAIST (Human Completion Education through Mind Coaching / Min-Ho Kang, Vice President of KAIST)

Nov 2011 6th Conference at Seoul Univ. (Positivity and Emotional Stability in Education /Yong-Lin Moon, former Minister of Education)

Apr 2012 7th Conference at Kong-Ju Univ. (Mind Clearing Meditation and Human Completion Education / Jin-Woo Yoo, former Prof of Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq)

Oct 2012 8th Conference at Korea Univ. (School Violence and Human Completion Education / Yu-Heon Suh, Director of Korea Brain Research Institute)

May 2013 1st International Conference at Seoul Univ. (Happiness, Ask the Mind / John Endicott, President of Woo-Song Univ,)

Nov 2013 10th Conference at Kyungpook National Univ. (Human Completion Education for Adolescents‘ Happiness / Hwi-Suk Jang, Chairperson of The Korean Society for Developmental Psychology)

May 2014 2nd International Conference at UCLA (Mind Clearing Meditation and Happiness, Peace and Coexistence /Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Prof. of Claremont Graduate Univ.)

Nov 2015 12th Conference at Changwon National Univ. (Human Nature is Future / Hyeon-Tae Kim, former President of Changwon National Univ.)

Nov 2015 13th Conference at KAIST (Meditation, Alternative of Character Education / Shin-Ho Kim, former Vice Minister of Education

Nov 2016 14th Conference at KAIST (Free Semester System and Education for Happiness / Na-Min Shin, Prof of Dong-kuk Univ.)

2017 15th Conference at KAIST (Character Education, Find the Way in Meditation/ Sung-Cheol Kim, Prof. of Dong-kuk Univ.)

Nov 2018 16th Conference at Korea Univ. (Character Education for the Youth and Meditation/Nam-Su Seo, former Minister of Education)

Nov 2019 17th Conference at Chung-Ang Univ. (Knowing and Living Become One: Human Completion Education/Yun-Jeong Cho, Research Fellow of Gyeonggi Institute of Education)

Practice activity

2009 ~ 2019  Around 1,000 times of School Meditation Education

2013 ~ 2019  Around 200 times of Teacher Meditation Training

2011 ~ 2019  Around 70 times of Parent Meditation Training

September 2018  ‘Self Educating Character Education, Mind Clearing Meditation Class’ acquired Character Education Program Certification from Ministry of Education

December 2019  1st Meditation Camp for College Professors