Duck-Joo Lee (Emeritus Professor, KAIST)


Vice Chairperson

In-Soo Lee (Professor, Korea National University of Transportation)
Dugil Shin (Director, Saenggi Oriental Medical Clinic)


Executive Committee

Academic Committee
Committee President(Director) Mi-Han Kim (Professor, Kyungil University)
Vice President(Director) Kyung-Suk Park (Professor, Pusan University)

Editorial Committee
Committee President(Director) Yang-Kyung Yoo (Professor, Kunsan University)
Vice President(Director) Young-Ran Cho (Professor, Osan University)
Member Young-Hak Son (Researcher, Center for Anthropocene Studies at KAIST)

Education Committee
Committee President(Director) Na-Min Shin (Professor, Dongkuk University)
Vice President(Director) Yun-Jeong Cho (Research Fellow, Gyeonggi Institute of Education)
Member Ha-Na Shin(Teacher, Gumi Okgye-Dongbue Elementary School)

Research Committee
Committee President(Director) En-Hee Choi(Professor, Eulji University)
Vice President(Director) Min-Young Jeon (Professor, Sungshin Women’s University)
Member Hye-Young Kim (Professor, Woosong University)

Public Relation Committee
Committee President(Director) Jin-ok Kim(Editor in Chief, Human Completion News)
Member Hong-Chae Baek (PhD Student, ,KIST)

Financial Committee
Committee President(Director) Sang-Ryul Lee (Professor, Pusan University)

Business Committee
Committee President(Director) Kyung-Soo Mok (Vice President in Center for Human Completion, Former Executive Vice President of LG Chem)

Planning Committee
Committee President(Director) Jae-Hwan Kim(Chief, Department of Mental Health Medicine, Chung-Ang Hospital)

International Committee
Committee President(Director) Boas Yu(Fairleigh Dickinson University, Professor)
Member Lauren Houtz(Holy Name Medical Center, Registered Nurse)
Member Darragh Sheehan (Licensed Master of Social Work)
Member Neal Clark (Hospital for Special Surgery NY, Laboratory supervisor)

General Affairs Committee
Committee President(Director) Mi-Ra Yun (Professor, Chung-Ang University)
Member(Administrative Assistant) Mi-Kyung Kim(Lecturer, Digital Seoul Culture Arts University), Yun-Hyung Cho(AISIN AW CO., LTD.)



Teacher Training Committee
Committee President(Director) Joo-Hee Kim (Teacher, Samgaksan High School)
Member Hyang-Suk Lee(Former Teacher Wabu Elementary School), Ri-Ra Kwon (Former Teacher. Boeun Middle School), Jeong-Nam Seo(Former Teacher, Daegu Science High School)

Youth Education Committee
Committee President(Director) Mu-Sin Kim (Teacher, Busan Jung-Ang High School)
Vice President(Director) Mi-Jin Ha (Teacher, Bansong Middle School)
Member Suk-Hui Shim (Counselor, Sacheon Middle School)

College Education Committee
Committee President(Director) I-Sun Park (Professor, Kang-Won University)
Member Woo-Yeol Lee (Professor, Korea Polytechnics)

Corporate Training Committee
Committee President(Director) Kyung-Jae Lee(President, Center for Human Completion)

Social Education Committee
Committee President(Director) Jin-Woo Yoo (Art Director in Pop Theater, Former Professor of Jacques Lecoq School of Theater, France)

Healthcare Committee
Committee President(Director) Ji-Won Lee (Director, Daejung Care Hospital)
Member Gyeong-A Kim (Section Chief, Daejung Care Hospital), Hee-Myeong Jung (Pharmacist, Onnuri Pharmacy), Hye-Young Cho(Pharmacist, Daejung Care Hospital), Yu-Jeong Heo (Nurse, Daejung Care Hospital)


Community Committee

Seoul Eastern Gangnam President In-Suk Jang (Former Teacher, Muhak Girls’ High School), Vice President Hyeon-Gyeong Shim(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Seoul Western Gangnam President Mi-Gyeong Han (Former Professor, Dong-Hae University), Vice President Yeon-Ok Kim (Youth Meditation Instructor)
Seoul Gangbuk Vice President Seung-Eun Lim(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Gangwon President Gyeong-Shin Lee (Youth Meditation Instructor)
Incheon President Yun-suk Gang (Teacher, Youngjong Middle School)
Northern Gyeonggi President Yeon-hee Jung(Vice President, Daegok Middle School)
Southeastern Gyeonggi President Beom-hee Cho(Former President, Heungdeok Middle School), Vice President Tae-Young Ha(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Daejeon President Ji-Won Jung(Chief, Doctorsmi Plastic Surgery), Vice President Mi-Sun Yun(Teacher, Boksue Elementary School)
Chungnam President Jeong-uk Seo(Chief, Seo Jeong-uk Dental Clinic), Vice President Gyeong-Sun Lee(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Chungbuk President Mi-Sun Shin(Teacher, Cheongju Seowon Middle School), Vice President Mi-Gyeong Jung(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Daegu President Mi-Gyeong Lee(Action Officer, Daegu Seo-gu Health Center), Vice President Jin-Young Kim(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Gyeongbuk President Mi-Gyeong Lee(Action Officer, Daegu Seo-gu Health Center), Vice President Young-Suk Park(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Busan President Hwi-Bok Son(Former Teacher, Yewon Elementary School)
Ulsan President Gyeong-Suk Park(Adjunct Professor, Pusan National University), Vice President Ju-Yeon Park(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Changwon President Sun-Yeol Jeong(Youth Meditation Instructor), Vice President Jae-Ho Shin(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Jinju President Mi-Nam Kim(Youth Meditation Instructor), Vice President Gap-Jeong Kim(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Jeongbuk President Sun-A Son(Teacher, Jinan Middle School), Vice President Jeong-Min Park(Teacher, Eoyang Middle School)
Jeonnam/Jeju President Seok-man Um(Teacher, Guryebuk Elementary School), Vice President Yun-Mi Jung(Youth Meditation Instructor)


Humanistic Education Support Group

Director General Gi-Un Jung (Former Secretary of Ministry of Education; Former President of Dong-Shin University)
Director of Planning and PR Hwan-Cheol Jung(Youth Meditation Instructor)
Director of Free Year System Support Team Seol-ha Choi(Former Teacher, Middle School of Gyeonggido Office of Education Director of Program Development Team Oh-Nam Lee(Teacher, Kuhang elementary school)Vice Director of Planning and PR Seo-Eun Han(Teacher, Mangpo Middle School)


Advisory Committee

Jong-Bum Lee (Emeritus Professor in Korea University, Former President of The Korean Association for Public Administration)
Hee-Don Kang (Former Expert Adviser, Korean Council for University Education)
Il-Dae Park (Chief Instructor, Ma-Eum Soo-Ryun Main Center)


Award Committee

Committee President   Gi-Un Jung (Former Secretary of Ministry of Education; Former President of Dong-Shin University)


Auditor General

Jin-Il Yoon (Legal Counsel/CPA)
Sung-Bo Yang(CPA)