Effects of School-based Mind Clearing Meditation on Self-esteem and Grateful Disposition of Elementary Students

Research title

The Effect of school-based Mind Subtraction Meditation on Self-Esteem and Grateful Disposition of Elementary Students


The Journal of Child Education 2016. Vol. 25, No. 2


Yoo, Yang Gyeong(Department of Nursing, Kunsan National University, Kunsan, Korea)


This study investigated the effect of a humanistic program using school-based meditation on self-esteem and grateful disposition of third graders in an elementary school. The study used a non-equivalent comparison, pre and posttest quasi-experimental design with 22 participants in an experimental group who participated in mind subtraction meditation and 24 participants in a control group who did not participate in the meditation. Pre-tests on self-esteem and grateful disposition of both groups were measured before the mind subtraction meditation; and post-evaluative measurements were completed right after and also 3 months after the
participation. The study results indicated very significant improvements in self-esteem and grateful disposition for the experimental group who participated in the mind subtraction meditation. Also, these improvements were shown to persist when measured again after 3 months. These study results present scholarly evidences which indicate that the mind subtraction
meditation has positive effects of improving self-esteem and grateful disposition in elementary school children. In order to improve humanistic aspects of mental health and school adjustment In elementary school children, it is suggested to utilize the mind subtraction meditation as a
school-based meditation program.

Key words: Mind Subtraction Meditation, Meditation, Self-esteem, Grateful disposition, Elementary students

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