Journal of Human Completion, Vol 7. 2017

  • Duck-Joo Lee | Human Completion Education to make the world where everyone is happy together
  • Jae-Hwan Kim | Approach to Mind Clearing Meditation from Psychological·Psychotherapeutic Perspective
  • Mi-Ra Yun et al. | Literature Review on Studies on Mind Clearing Meditation
  • Mi-Ra Yun et al. | Effects of Finding true self Meditation on the Decrease of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Response of Adults with Depression
  • Mi-Ra Yun | A Phenomenological Study on Breast Cancer Survivors’ Experiences of Finding true self Meditation
  • Yang-Kyung Yoo et al. | The Effects of Mind Subtraction Meditation on Depression, Social Anxiety, Aggression, and Cortisol Levels of Elementary School Children in South Korea
  • Research Committee of Academic Society for Human Completion, Character Education Support Group, Teachers Group | Cases of Practice of Mind Subtraction Meditation Programs Applied to Free-semester
  • Duck-Joo Lee | Beyond the Fourth Industrial Revolution; Leap toward the Seventh Industry
  • Young Ran Cho | The Greatest Question of Mankind: What is Mind?
  • Hongchae Baek | Finding true self Meditation Method from the Brain Scientific Perspective

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