Journal of Human Completion, Vol 8. 2018

  • Duck-Joo Lee | Human Completion Education: Education for Wisdom that Makes Oneself and the World Happy
  • In-Soo Lee, Hye Young Kim | Effects of Best Health Dance Program on Middle School Students’ Liveliness and Concentration in Class
  • Mi-Ra Yun et al. | The Effects of Mind Subtraction Meditation on Breast Cancer Survivors’ Psychological and Spiritual Well-being and Sleep Quality: A Randomized Controlled Trial in South Korea
  • Yang-Kyung Yoo | The Effect of School-based Mind Clearing Meditation on Self-Esteem and Grateful Disposition of Elementary Students
  • Research Committee of Academic Society for Human Completion, Character Education Support Group, Meditation Teachers Group | 2017 Cases of Practice of Mind Subtraction Meditation Programs Applied to Free-semester
  • Center for Human Completion Institute for Lifelong Education, Academic Society for Human Completion Corp. | Report of the Case that Applied Self-Reflection Meditation to Courses for General Education in University
  • Jae-Hwan Kim | | Trauma, Beyond Healing Toward Growth
  • Min-Young Jeon | Mind Clearing Meditation to Develop Communication Skill of Health Care Providers

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