School Education

School Education #1

Humanistic Character Education for Students

Mind Clearing Meditation Education for School

Mind Clearing Meditation proposed by the Society has been applied to on-site training and advanced by teachers who have meditated for over 15 years in Korea. The effect is reported that it appeared in all age groups from kindergarten through elementary, middle and high school students.(Mi-ra Yun and Eun-hee Choi, 2014)

Based on these practices of Mind Clearing Meditation education, the Society provides a series of courses for teachers, faculty, meditation specialists, and youth specialists to settle a standard curriculum for school meditation education and verify its effectiveness. As a result, an optimized Mind Clearing Meditation class program was created. Then, the program has been upgraded through continuous effectiveness verification and feedback.

In particular, the ‘Self-Educated Humanistic Education, Mind Clearing Meditation Class’ program(Certificate No.:2018-001), which was accredited by Ministry of Education in 2018, was developed with the emphasis on improving future core competencies proposed by the Character Education Promotion Act. It is being used for various character education programs in school, including meditation courses of free year(semester) system in middle school.

Development and operation of programs for each elementary, middle, and high school

Various activities are combined with meditation so that students can learn about meditation and have fun with interest. We are developing and applying customized programs for each school level, reflecting the developmental stages, educational goals, and actual conditions of schools and students.

Focusing on basic character programs, we manage programs on various themes such as self-understanding, improving self-esteem, communication skills, cooperation, concentration, stress management, school violence prevention education, ‘love friends’ week, and career education. We also create programs that can be used throughout the school life; fusion classes of curriculum and meditation, creative hands-on activities, and after-school activities so that teachers can actualize the curriculum centered on humanistic education.

Mind Clearing Meditation School Humanistic Character Education Types and Program Flowchart

  • Types of education : There are a variety of types of classes, such as free year(semester) courses, club activities, creative hands-on activities, career•humanistic education, school violence prevention education, ‘love friends’ week education, and after-school activities.
  • Flow of classes : The meditation session in each class hour is taught step by step so that students can participate in self-reflection and meditation activities more easily and fun.
STEP 1 Opening the mind Trigger the motivation, share the learning objectives
STEP 2 Understanding the mind Understand the principle of formation and effect of mind
STEP 3 Looking for the mind Activity to find out negative mind
STEP 4 Throwing away the mind Practice of Mind Clearing Meditation
STEP 5 Sharing the mind Share thoughts, inform the next session

Operation Process of School Meditation Education

Planning Pre-visit school
Analyze character of consumer
Operating Program Interim Check-list(Students)
Self-check List(Teachers·Lecturers)
Evaluation Questionnaire, satisfaction survey
Visit the Class
Feedback Revise·supplement manual
Present in conference
School Education #2

Teachers’ Meditation Training

As the quality of education does not exceed the quality of teachers, the beginning of humanistic education and happiness education is teachers’ humanism and happiness. With this conviction, the Society is conducting a variety of teacher meditation training programs to relieve teachers’ stress, improve their humanism, and promote self-esteem and happiness.

The meditation training program for teachers, which consists of teachers’ job training and exploratory training, was held for 7 nights and 8 days during the vacation, commuting style on weekdays during the semester, and 2 nights and 3 days in the weekend. More than 200 times have these programs taken place and more than 6,000 teachers have participated since 2013.

The teacher meditation training program is developed by long-term research and verification together with educators, meditation specialists, mental health medical specialists, psychologists, and teachers in the field. It is a specialized meditation program to lead teachers to growth beyond reflection and healing.

School Education #3

Parents Meditation Training

In addition, various meditation training for parents are conducted to improve their self-esteem, affirmation, and happiness. Testimonials from the participants in this training have confirmed that they have increased their reflection, understanding and capacity for themselves, their children and their families, reduced anxiety about their children’s education, and improved their confidence.

We have built and operated meditation training to improve parental healing, self-reflection, affirmation and self-esteem since 2011 till present. It is carried out on the diverse subjects- ‘Emotional communication with children’, ‘Raising our children one with good character’, ‘Healing class within my heart’, ‘Well-being of mind ’, ‘Parent training program for meditation education for parents’.

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