2011 Archives of Spring Conference – The Human Completion Education through Coaching

  • Jong-Beum Lee | The Human Completion Leadership and Total Transformational Model: Emptiness, Expansion of Consciousness and Leadership of Wisdom
  • Kyung-Jae Lee | A Report on Coaching Program
  • Jin-Woo Yu | The Brand Program of Coaching Center: Neo-Simchung
  • In-Soo Yi | The Effect of Meditation on School Teachers’ Anxiety, Self-Respect and Self-Actualization
  • Gi-Jin Kim | The Effect of Moral Education of Military Schools on Military Experience
  • Gi-Jung Kim | An Example of Development Activities in High School
  • Duk-Joo Lee | An Example of Development Activities in High School
  • Yi-Soon Park | Elective Courses in College: Knowing Mind, Emptying Mind
  • Boas, Yu | Meditation as a Wellness Program
  • Boas, Yu | A Phenomenological Study on Meditation
  • Jae-Sik Kim | The Improvements in Self-Control Abilities of Basketball Players

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