Effects of Mind Discarding Meditation on the Decrease in Depression, Anxiety, and Stress of Adults with Depression Symptoms

Research title

Effects of Mind Subtraction Meditation on the Decrease of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Response of Adults with Depression


Korean society for Wellness (KSW) 2015. Vol.10


Yun, Mi Ra College of Nursing, Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea)
Choi, Eun Hi(Department of Nursing, Kyungbok University, Namyangju, Korea)
Kim, Kyoung Ah(Medical Specialist in Family Medicine, Daejung Care Hospital, Nonsan, Korea)
Yoo, Yang Gyeong(Department of Nursing, Kunsan National University, Kunsan, Korea)


This study was conducted to measure the effect of Mind Subtraction editation on depression, anxiety, and stress responses of individuals with depression symptoms. The study was conducted with one-group, pretest-posttest, and quasi-experiment design. Among the adults who have participated Mind Subtraction Meditation level 1 at Nonsan Main Center from 2012, September 8th to 2012, December 29th, there were 76 adults who had the record of being diagnosed with DSM-IV measure depression from a psychiatrist. The total of 42 adults were finally invited to this study, which remained after excluding those who are undergoing medicine treatment, and those who have been proved to be not depressed, scoring less than 10 point in BDI-Ⅱ screening. The data analysis of 42 participants who consented to the study suggests the followings. First, there was a very significant decrease in depression, anxiety, and stress responses in participants after first week of Mind Subtraction Meditation practice. Secondly, there were differences in effect of Mind Subtraction Meditation when comparing posttest scores of the severe depression and mild-moderate depression groups, showing more significant decrease in depression, anxiety, and stress response in severe
depression group. We suggest more development and utilization of programs using the Mind Subtraction Meditation as a strategy to improve mental health issues in adults and prevent depression problems, and also more follow-up studies to take place in order to evaluate its accurate effect on depression or mental patients.

Key words: Mind Subtraction Meditation, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Adults

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