Journal of Human Completion, Vol 1. 2009

  • Jong-Beum Lee | The Restructuring of Curriculum with the Meditation and Recovery of True Self: With a Creation of the Academy of Human Completion
  • Gi-Un Jung, Man-Lok Oh | The Analysis of the Effect of Meditation as College Elective Courses
  • Jae-Yong Kwak | An Exploration of Research Methods on the Human Completion Education
  • Mi-Han Kim | The Effect of Meditation Camp on College Students’ Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Self-Respect
  • Eun-Sook Yi | The Violence Reduction Program Using Emptying of Mind
  • In-Sook Lee | The Improvements in Peer Relationships Using Emptying of Mind
  • Sung-Ran Yi | The Effect of Meditation Program on Self-Respect and Self-Effectiveness of Third Graders
  • Pil-Sun Park | The Improvements in Gender Values of Elementary School Students through Meditation Program
  • Gab-Soon Kwon | Humanitarian Education through Meditation for Kindergarteners
  • Suk-Gi Lee | The Examination of Maladaptive Behaviors in School Children: Recommendations and Directions to Improve Self-Respect
  • Kyung-Soo Mok | A Study of the Influence of Self-Reflection on an Organizational Culture Change

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