The Autumn Conference 2017 ‘Humanity Education through Meditation, Find the Hope for Education’

The Autumn Conference 2017 took place on Friday, November 24th in KAIST located in Yoosung-gu, Daejeon presenting ‘Character Education, Find the Way in Meditation’.
This conference was sponsored by Ministry of Education. Dong-ho Seol, the superintendent of Daejeon, and Jong-seo Lee, the president of Daejeon University, gave the congratulatory speech. The keynote speaker was Sung-cheol Kim, Professor of Buddhism Undergraduate Studies in Dongkuk University, who takes the lead in scientific research of meditation.
The professor, the principal of the middle school and the teachers presented the cases of conducting the meditation classes and its effects. The principal, Kang-il Lee spoke “Meditation goes beyond the limitation of counseling. It makes the teenagers reflect on themselves on their own and change.”

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