Woo-song University adopt Mind Clearing Meditation to Required Subjects

Meditation, adopted as the required subject for freshmen

Woosong University, a global-specialized university in Daejeon, implemented Mind Clearing Meditation course as the required subject for the freshmen in the second semester in 2017.
For three weeks, around 1,700-entire- freshmen participated in this course named Global Leadership. The meditation classes took place in the very first three sessions for two hours each.
The students shared their review, “Through meditation, I feel lighter and shedded away the negative past. I could be more myself. It was the very time that I could genuinely look back on myself, not for show.”, “Many changes occurred in my character, and I came to consider others first. When I meditated, I could grow up by diminishing regretful behaviors. This was a turning point in my life.” and etc.
When they measured the effects of meditation class, the indices of self-understanding, empathy, positive self-esteem, and expectation for life turned out to be improved.

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