‘Humanistic Education for adolescents and meditation: Sustainable practical metoodology’ The Fall Conference 2018

The Autumn Conference 2018 took place on Friday, November 9th in Korea University(Seoul campus) presenting ‘Character Education for the Youth; Seeking the Sustainable Solution’.
This conference was sponsored by Ministry of Education. Nam-seo Seo, a former Minister of Education, gave the keynote lecture and Gil-sung Park, a provost of Korea University gave the congratulatory speech.
Mr. Seo, emphasized that the youth themselves should be the subject of character education. Also, he added “Giving the youth the opportunity to think about ‘who am I?’ is the very sustainable way for character education. And I believe meditation will play a good role.”
Then, the report on the contents and operation of the character education program accredited by Ministry of Education was followed. The program was developed by the researchers in ASHC.

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